Poker - Can You Cut Off from this Integral Part of Life?

If you have been playing poker for a while now and read blog poker, you would have definitely seen many players go on a downslide and would have hit rock bottom ending up vowing not to play anymore ever and then just some time later, see them playing once again with all fervor. This kind of a down feeling is quite common for anyone and everyone playing poker and is something that each one has to face at some point of time or the other.

The importance of poker

For a professional poker player, poker is always on the mind. It is almost like taking a breath. Poker is such a part of their lives and carries lot of importance in their lives. If you just happen to question a poker player and ask them to describe themselves, you are bound to hear the term “Poker Player” somewhere at the top of their list. That is the importance of poker in the life of a player and it just has embedded as being an important part of their lives.

As poker is a vital part of a player’s being, it is quite but natural to feel let down at times when the player is having a lousy day and is ending up losing each and every game. Each player comes in with the thought that they are just going to win. Each player thinks that he has analyzed the other players at the table and knows how to play in every situation that arises. Each player believes that he knows when he has a strong hand to continue the game. But, then when he comes out and plays and has a bad streak losing game after game, he will feel nothing but pure hatred and will just want to chuck everything and quit from the game forever.

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Quitting poker

But, what ensues is that over a period of time, the player’s emotions settle down eventually and then he is back at the table for a fresh round of poker. This is because he is missing that vital part of his being not being attached anymore as he has quit playing. So, he will slowly start treading, probably wanting to take it as slow as possible looking for games with small stakes and such. Then, gradually he begins to settle back to the way things were earlier and is seen playing full swing like it was before. So, even though there is caution at play in the initial stages, as things become settled, the player too starts getting comfy.

So, if you are having a bad time the next time you are out playing poker, you need to remember that whatever said and done, poker is an integral part of your life and no matter what you do or what you say, you cannot sever this link although you can take some time out to get back to normal. After all, we are all human.