Face a Wrong Poker Sitting, With the Right Attitude!

You can realize that, your starting hand EV slashes significantly, when you are in the position of small blind ”SB” or big blind ”BB”. Because, with the positions like this “small blind” or “big blind” you can’t avail the options like betting or calling. So to speak, your hands are much weaker than your normal play. In other hand people who sitting behind your position seems well confidence than you. They can analyze about your actions or responses and probably able to perform so many calculations and tricky moves based on that. They can analyze about your actions or responses and probably able to perform so many calculations and tricky moves based on that. You will certainly avoid such things while playin at online casino paddypowerpoker, for example.

Many experts who keeps the research on “Texas Hold’em” says that,” if we are analyzing a game, that money tends to flow the direction towards on “button” only.

Over card

Over card: an over card is any card in your hand that is higher than any card in the board.

If you have two different cards in your starting hand you will pair one of them at least 32% of the time. Playing with over cards is one of the costliest hands in low limit games.

There is one rule to remember that, 2 over cards are usually got failure when competent with pocket pair. Let’s take one example of A-K and pocket deuces combination. Mostly deuces give some higher winning percentage than A-K pair. This condition only smashed when both A and K are the same suit. Otherwise, deuces are the best when compare to A-K. so If your competitor have any pair against of you’re a-K he will have the winning chances around 54%.this is one of the reason, why we would preferably increase all the remaining cards with A-K than give a call with that. Don't think that A-K is like scratchies you can always lose such combination.

Analyse the situation

Let’s analyze one of the hardest situations (it's not casino online, here you have to think a lot). You are sitting left to the dealer button. Especially you are the big blind. A performer with short deals of chips and increases the entire amount in wager. But you have only A-8. Now based upon your cards strength you may give a call. But in other hand surely you will have some trouble about domination.

Because, if you are competitor has strong hand like pouch tens, then he will beat out you with the winning chances of 71%. Here your A-8 is weaker than his pocket 10.

We can expect the same result, when he has A-K. So against of Ace-King , you are the weaker person. In case, if he has combinations like King-Queen, then only both you will have the equal winning percentage. In this case also, he is slightly ahead of you, with 55%. So the situations like above said, will always give headache to you. Because the main reason is , you are the big blind and and you have a hand similar to Ace-8.

Apart from all these- if you have to be profitable, always you should know the right time to steal the pots from your opponent. To perfectly do this, you should aware about what type of competitor you are going to face in your game. This type of attitude will help you more to face situations like above said. For more details you can look through blog poker.