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Privacy Statement

I like 2 things when I'm not working as a waitress in the Chicago Flaventino night club: internet and poker. And it's became obvious to me that I should combine them together and with a little help of my boyfriend Jack I have created this site. Here I shall teach you how not be a complete loser when playing poker. You should know at least the basic rules and hints to play with your friends or in the neighbourhood poker rooms.

Jacqueline Patterson

E-mail policy

You can able to subscribe or unsubscribe from our E-mail distribution system.

After subscribed, you can receive almost one or two emails per month only. If you are think those are unwanted one or disturbing one to you, then you can simply unsubscribe from our e-mail distribution system by simply press the unsubscribe button.

Privacy policy

We are very keen and have duty to safe your personal details.

Which, we usually collect from you from the account opening application form and some other email distribution system.

But we will share this information, if our site has been demanded by any of local body or relevant and irrelevant organizations or government official protocols with respect to rules and regulations.

What information will be collected?

We are collecting information on the basis of our site administration [which is needed for maintain our site perfectly] and irrelevant and common information [which is needed one for official and law purposes].

After gathering all information from you, we are keeping your name, communication address, telephone number and e-mail id for our site maintenance purpose. This will help us to provide some better service to you.

In other hand we are collecting your all financial transaction information, your payment history, your current professional data’s , which will required for some collection agencies, government bureaus and some other social networks or organizations.

But we won’t share your any of information in most of the occasion. This will ensure our privacy policy better.

Cookie policy

We are using some cookie system to collect your personal information in order to provide better service to you. Usually our cookies are comparatively very small in terms of bits. It collects and store your information’s like, IP address, your session time, your country, yours frequently visiting hours etc. this data helps us to interacting with your session time, and mail distribution system etc.

Contact form

If you wish to contact us directly, you can able to contact us through our “contact us” form. This has been placed under respective section or page. There you can fill up your

  1. Full name
  2. Communication address
  3. Telephone number
  4. Contact email-id

After filling all these details, you can provide your comments like, what you would like to know or need from us, etc.

Then after we can able to collect those filled information about you and able to act accordingly.

In overall our site provided enough security to keep your information safe in terms of physical and electronically.

Hold'em is to to stud and draw what chess is to checkers.
Johnny Moss, 3x World Champion

What percentage of people that play poker regularly do you think you are better than?

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