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Don’t show your poker arm

I like 2 things when I'm not working as a waitress in the Chicago Flaventino night club: internet and poker. And it's became obvious to me that I should combine them together and with a little help of my boyfriend Jack I have created this site. Here I shall teach you how not be a complete loser when playing poker. You should know at least the basic rules and hints to play with your friends or in the neighbourhood poker rooms.

Jacqueline Patterson

Whether or not you’ve ever played the game of poker, you must have heard of the expression ‘poker face’. It’s the ability to keep a straight face, lacking in emotion, that doesn’t give other players around the table any idea of what cards you are holding. You could have a terrible selection, but by maintaining a good poker face, you could bluff your way through the game so that others think you’re going to win.

Everyone who plays poker is aware that they have to maintain a good poker face, unless that is they’re playing at a site like 32Red online casino where the players can’t see each other! But what you may not know is that the way you move your arms can also reveal information about the quality of the hand you are holding. And the bad news is that players find it harder to mask their emotions in the way they hold their arms than in the way they arrange their face.

Research carried out by Tufts University in the USA has revealed the existence of a poker arm. The people involved in the study were asked to watch multiple two second video clips of people playing poker. Their task was to judge what kind of hand each player was holding. For one round of videos, the study participants watched the players’ faces only. In another round, they watched the players’ arm and hand movements only. Watching the faces, the study participants’ judgements were as good as random guesses – proof that players could make use of a poker face. But when only the arm and hand movements were observed, the study participants had a much more accurate assessment of each player’s hand. The research project concluded that when players are stressed about the hand they are holding, they don’t move as smoothly as they would if they were confident in their hand. However, it’s difficult to cover up this change in body movement effectively.

For most people who play poker online at sites like 32red today, whether you have a poker arm or not won’t be a problem. In fact playing online is a great place for poker newbies to develop their skills as they don’t have the pressure of being in a room with their opponents, feeling that they can be outplayed at any time.

When you first join an online poker site, you usually get to enter a number of freerolls – tournaments where players don’t have to pay to play, but there’s a cash pot put up by the site or casino. So every player tries to win, playing their best, but if you lose, you don’t actually lose any cash. It all adds to your experience before you start playing cash games.

The possibility of having a ‘tell-all’ poker arm is just something to bear in mind if you do ever decide to enter a live poker tournament in the future!

Gambling, the sure way of getting nothing for something.
Wilson Mizner, Con man and promoter

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