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Beginners Guide to Online Hold’em Betting

I like 2 things when I'm not working as a waitress in the Chicago Flaventino night club: internet and poker. And it's became obvious to me that I should combine them together and with a little help of my boyfriend Jack I have created this site. Here I shall teach you how not be a complete loser when playing poker. You should know at least the basic rules and hints to play with your friends or in the neighbourhood poker rooms.

Jacqueline Patterson

Many beginners in online hold’em do struggle with the betting structure. Although bets are quite straightforward in hold’em the online game does move fast and it can be difficult keeping up.

It can help if you take time to review the betting rules before you play. Keep a copy of the basic betting rules by your keyboard so that you can glance at them if you need to whilst you are playing online poker at PokerStars.

Betting Activity

You need to keep an eye on how the other players are betting. This can reveal important details about their strategies that could alert you to good hands out on the table. Watch out for any increased betting activity after the flop particularly if you spot any pairs or high cards on the board. If you don’t have a good hand yourself consider folding. Folding early is not wimping out of the game at all but an important tactic to conserve your chips.

Placing Raises

Placing raises can help you to gain an insight into the other players.

  • For example if you have a small pocket pair you could place a pre-flop raise. This may trigger those players with weak hands to fold early.
  • If players continue then it is likely they also have a decent starting hand. After the flop try raising again. If the other players still stay in the game and meet your raise then it is likely they have a good winning hand.
  • If you also have a good hand then play through to the pot. If your hand is not so good though you should consider folding and leave the game at this point to save your chips.


Calling is often considered a ‘weak’ move in hold’em. This could indicate to the other players that you have an okay hand but are not willing to bet more chips than you have to on it. If this is the case then it would be better to fold early and wait for a better hand then wasting your chips on one that does not offer much chance of winning.

A faint heart never filled a spade flush.

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